Sandhill cranes’ raucous

trilling in the field: kids

playing at recess.


Fumbling the Ball

I really missed a “catch” that was thrown my way the other day.  I tend to beat myself up for days over something like that.  I am finding it’s best to think of these things as missed opportunities, though, and not just total failures.  A missed chance to get better — to stretch and grow and be more like my Teacher.  This is only marginally better than thinking of it as a total failure in respect to how disappointed I am in myself.  But maybe this thinking of it as a missed opportunity leaves me better prepared for the next learning opportunity.  Additionally, these fumbles keep us humble!

When you find yourself in a situation that seems completely unbelievable and outrageous, consider the possibility that it is being presented to you as one of these opportunities to grow.  Many times I have felt myself reacting in anger or disbelief when I find myself in the midst of a ridiculous circumstance, and only sometimes have I caught myself in time to realize — this is an opportunity!  I have been placed in the context of this outrageous event, and it can be a jumping off point for me.  Choose carefully your course of action.  Don’t try to weasel out of something that you fear will be unpleasant, or even terrible.  Ninety percent of the time, it’s not even close to what you feared it would be.  It’s not so bad at all.  And even if it is bad, remember that it’s worth it and also that you’re not going through it alone.

Most times, the guilt and shame that you put yourself through after choosing poorly is much worse than going through the fire itself.  Always remember that.  Make choices that you know you can live with.  Because the ways you may torture yourself afterward can be very terrible indeed.  So I am slowly learning to pause before I act or speak.  In the words of the old knight in The Last Crusade, “Choose wisely.”  I’m trying to make this my last crusade, and it’s an attempt to subjugate my ego and take back the “holy city” of my heart, in which the Spirit dwells.

If someone asks you repeatedly for help, don’t bother trying to figure out if they are manipulating you or asking too much of you.  Don’t bother.  They might be, but this love is not necessarily reasonable.  “Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.”  Meaning in my mind: a disciple of Rabbi Yeshua must also make sacrifices.  Sacrifices!  Which also includes no expectation of repayment of any sort.  No thank you note.  No money.  No return favor.  Nothing.  You learn to help someone out of love.  Out of love!  Which also includes, “You will never owe me anything for this gift.”  My sacrifice is a gift.


Open and Closed

Make your home in openness

and give up the notion of cages

of all sorts,

for God is our Home.

If you think you own something,

it has come to own you —

not even an idea

is truly yours.

Not even your own body.


Open your hands.

Open your wallet.

Open your heart.

Open your home.

Closing is the opposite

of where you will find peace

because truth

is the open flow of Spirit,

and God

is Openness.

A Life of Adventure With You

I speak a few languages,

and have lived in different places.

I’ve traveled around the world —

walked on exotic beaches

and through lush rain forests.

I can see

that what You’ve created

is good.

I’ve read lots of books,

and written lots of papers;

I’ve studied the world’s religions

in institutions of higher learning.

I’ve met a lot of people,

and loved a lot, too.

I’ve had babies,

and seen death,

been lost at sea,

and escaped from a burning house

in the middle of the night.


Now —


I can say with confidence,

and devotion,

that my only

adventure is


And that I live

for an audience





Getting Out of the Boat

I paddled across the lake

to the cove where I know

the birds nest.

And there I parked the boat

and simply sat,

waiting and floating.

I said, “I’m listening.

If You should speak,

then I will hear You,

and I will be brave.”

I paused, and felt

myself reach You

for a moment,

as if the sun appeared briefly

before hidden again by clouds.

It was very quiet

while I waited

for an hour or so.

The gray trees, the gray sky —

March rains barely held at bay.

I smiled and said,

“Another time.”

And I turned the boat around —

to the sound of the eagle’s insistent trill.

They were not there before;

she and her mate sat calmly,

white heads brilliant

at the top of the tree.

I laughed in joy

at the beautiful ways

that You answer me.

I bowed my head before You

and she flew away —

high flyer of the heavens,

leaving the other to watch me

a little longer.  Sometimes

I think this boat can carry me

into Your presence

out here in the silence.

Or maybe I should

leave the boat behind.

If You tell me to get out, I will.

I already have

in my mind.

You’re The One

Sometimes I feel like love songs are written for Adonai without the song writer’s knowledge.  These are two of my favorite love songs, and every time I hear them I dedicate them to God.  The first is such a beautiful song written by Mr. Isbell.

Cover Me Up

by Jason Isbell

…But home was a dream

One I’d never seen till you came along…

the river runs through

and carries this house on the stones

like a piece of driftwood.


So cover me up,

and know you’re enough

to use me for good.


Electric Love


…you’re like lightning in a bottle
I can’t let you go now that I got it
All I need is to be struck
By your electric love
Baby, you’re electric love
Electric love
You make my heart beat like the rain
Surround me
Hold me deep beneath your weight…
Rushing through me
I feel your energy rushing through me
I feel your energy rushing through me…
you’re like lightning in a bottle
I can’t let you go now that I got it
And all I need is to be struck
By your electric love.





Fabric of the Universe

“When you breathe, you breathe in not just air, but light and energy as well.  And every beat of your heart sends not just blood but light and energy coursing through your body…feel it streaming out from your hands.

Everything you touch, you touch with light and energy…Now bring the light and the energy up into your throat, and know that every word you speak is filled with it…Your words carry energy…your thoughts carry energy…your emotions are a form of energy.”

— Julie Motz, Hands of Life

God is Love

“…in my name they will…lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

— Mark 16: 17-18


“He who does not love does not know God; for God is love.”

— 1 John 4:8


“I believe that when you touch someone with a loving or healing intention, you create a kind of energy magnet that draws energy to the place you were touching.  Similarly, when you think about someone or a part of his body, the energy of your thought draws ambient energy there.”

— Julie Motz, Hands of Life


“The loving feeling itself is the primary healing energy; you have to love someone to heal them.  It is pure non-judgment.”

— Julie Motz, Hands of Life